Our Story

Pastels and Parcels is a studio that brings to life unique, high-quality creations. Each product comes with a fascinating story, and a unique journey. These journeys are inspired by our master artist, Oindrila Sikdar, and her desire to blend tradition and heritage into a soulful concoction that transcends cultural, religion and ethnic boundaries.  

Immerse yourself into finding a perfect piece of jewelry from jewel bOx, savor the exclusive collections of picture frames from imageM or shop for the delightful earthy treasure gardens for your home from teVana.

Finally, immerse yourself in aRt that conjures the sights and touches of India – new and old - through themed collections that can grace the walls of your home or your office.


About Oindrila

"My ambition is to design unconventional art that gives an aroma of India where I was born and grew up ... but, with a modern twist. Each work of mine, whether with the pen or the stylus or the beads, has a history of its own. So let me tell you their stories."

What's in my name?

The word 'Oindrila' is ancient, as ancient as the wife of Indra, the God of  Lightning and Thunder and the King of Gods in Hindu mythology. Indria is no less then Thor or Odin or the revered guardian deity in Buddhism.  Break it up into 4 syllables and you've got to the O-in-drill-latte! Still thinking? Try Cinderella and then change your C to O and you've come as close as it gets!